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The Art Of Dramatic Insight

09.09.2017 bis 10.09.2017
Einstufung: Amateurbereich, Semi-Profibereich
Referent*in: Keith Cunningham

Have you ever dreamed of creating a rich, complex, and vibrant character like Wiesler in The Lives of Others, Truman in Capote, or Ada in The Piano?

Screenwriters and directors see creating lead characters who are complex, compelling, and charismatic as a Holy Grail of the dramatist’s art. Bringing these characters to life, on the page and on the screen, demands something more than technique—it demands insight.

The Insight Process

A few writers may be naturally gifted with the genius of dramatic insight into human nature. But, through The Insight Process every writer can develop his or her insight into a powerful creative instrument. The Insight Process makes writing an adventure of ongoing discovery. There are payoffs for the writer, as magnificently complex characters come to life. The character orchestration and the texture of your dramatic writing also become richer and more effective.

The Insight Process is a training for the mind, senses, and imagination that generates ‘Eureka!’ moments in our work, moments of real discovery that result in characters who glow with vibrant life and spontaneity.

This 2-day seminar/workshop is multi-dimensional and very active for participants: it is about developing a powerful instrument to generate dramatic insights - and it is equally about how to integrate our insights into human nature into complex and compelling characters. There will be a series of Internal Software insight exercises, as well as character and story development work, and insightful analyses of some great, complex characters.

Two Very Rich Days

The Art of Dramatic Insight focuses on 5 areas central to discovering and integrating complexity in our characters:

1. The Insight Process: training your capacity for insight.

2. Seeing What Is Hidden: paradigms that reveal the hidden sides of characters.

3. The Entelechy Dimension: paradox and destiny in characters.

4. The Power of Character Orchestration: the Theory of Illumination

5. Text and Subtext: Revealing insight dramatically.

The Art of Dramatic Insight workshop is active, engaging, and fun. Veteran writers and directors as well as newcomers will gain from The Insight Process. The process changes writers. You may find new enthusiasm for writing, and for living! While not a story development seminar, you are encouraged to bring characters and stories you are currently working on, as there will be opportunities to apply what you learn to your own work.

Internet: www.masterschool.de/seminare/wochenende/the-art-of-dramatic-insight


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