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Understanding Colourgrading & DaVinci Resolve

03.11.2018 bis 04.11.2018
Einstufung: Amateurbereich, Semi-Profibereich
Referent*in: Sergi Sanchez

Understanding Colourgrading & DaVinci ResolveBeschreibung:
In this workshop we will focus on the software DaVinci Resolve 14 as a tool to increase the production value of our shots.

We will cover basic theory on light and colour spaces (gamma, codecs, mid-tone levels etc), learn different rules for cinema, web, TV among other introductionary tools to create a global look for your film.

The Workshop is intended for people with basic knowledge on camera, light and/ or editing softwares. Bring your own laptop with the software.

Internet: www.filmarche.de/events/understanding-colour-grading-davinci-resolve-3/


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