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Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Detmold

18.08.2023 bis 28.08.2023
Zielgruppe: Junge Erwachsene

“Get Your Own Picture” is an intercultural youth exchange program that is an intensive
workshop that gives its participants the opportunity to create their own short films.

Participants from Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Turkey.
In the “Get Your Own Picture” project each participant writes, shoots and edits their own
films with others within 10 days. At the end of the 10 days, the films are celebrated in a
screening open to an audience at the International Short Film Festival Detmold.

The short film festival will take place at the same time and is a showcasing a variety of
high-quality short films from around the globe. Every year, we receive more than 3,000
short film submissions from experienced, as well as up-and-coming filmmakers. The
festival focuses on non-commercial short films: documentaries, animations, fiction, art-
house, music videos, experimental films, etc.

All participants who complete the workshop receive a Youth Pass.

The basic idea of the YE is to connect and motivate young people with an international
background to work together within a clear and structured platform towards a de ned
goal: Go create your own short films together with regard to the topic Active Citizenship.
The main aim is to give them an understanding of films as a medium for expression of
opinion and participation.

They will deal with the question of differences and similarities between the cultures and
will go into detail with the youth’s interests. The young people will become aware of their
shared historical roots and can experience interculturalism.

With the different cultural & religious views, the participants will experience that there are
still a lot of similarities among themselves.
Another aim of the project is to cultivate the further professional development of young
people through exchanges, involving communities in European cities and start building a
youth expert base in the communities. In addition, the project aims to raise awareness for
the power of audiovisual language among the young people, the potential to emphasise
their own voice as individuals and take part in building a better future.

The workshop is aimed at youth between 22-30 years.

Applicants should complete and
submit the application form.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask: info@kultur-art.com

Internet: gyop.de/

Social media:  IInstagram


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