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Transmediale 2021- for refusal

23.01.2021 bis
Ort: Haus der Kulturen der Welt und Volksbühne
Festival-Niveau: Semiprofi
Ausschreibung: International
Alter: 0 bis 99

Transmediale 2021- for refusalBeschreibung:
The Transmediale is a festival and a year-long project in Berlin which creates new bonds between art, culture and technology.
Networks are everywhere, whether personal or organizational, for social or business life, centralized or decentralized: node-based communication and information exchange has arguably become the defining technological, economic, and cultural form of globalization and the digital society. A certain network idealism permeates the globe, resulting in all forms of networks and networking practices being mainly defined through the techno-bureaucratic master form of the Internet. Already in 1967 the artists Robert Filliou and George Brecht wrote that “The Network is Everlasting”. The line is taken from a pre-Internet culture poem celebrating the interconnectedness of everyday-life actions across an emerging global world. This poetic imagining of an “eternal network” is a reminder that network cultures exist beyond the technical reality of the “actually existing” network culture as we now know it.

Internet: www.transmediale.de


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