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8. Papaya Young Directors Filmwettbewerb

09.04.2021 bis 06.06.2021
Festival-Niveau: Semiprofi, Profi
Ausschreibung: International
Anmeldeschluss: 14.03.2021
Alter: 20 bis 30

Papaya Young Directors FilmwettbewerbBeschreibung:
To participate in the competition:

-log in to your contestant panel
-submit an idea for a film — a director’s
explication, inspired by the brief provided by a given brand or artist
-upload the document to your contestant panel
The contestant panel will be launched alongside the eight edition of the competition, i.e. on February 15, 2021. On that day we will also be releasing all the artist and brand briefs, which the contestants will use as a basis for their ideas (director’s explications) for commercials (for brands) or music videos (for artists).

The contestant can submit their explications in three categories:

Branded Stories (commercials)
Music Stories (music videos)
Vertical Stories by Facebook (vertical films)

In this year’s edition, the Vertical Stories by Facebook category will grow with the addition of a new subcategory — Women's Stories, which will feature films produced for foundations involved in the fight for women’s rights and gender equality.

Applications can be submitted individually or by two people working together. According to the contest rules, an individual or two-person team may submit no more than two explications per brand (regardless of category) and a maximum of two ideas in the Music Stories category.

After submissions are closed, the applications will be evaluated by a jury comprising of a couple of dozen creative directors, copywriters, cinematographers, directors, critics, and film educators.

Authors of jury-picked explications will move on to the next stage of the competition—workshops and drafting a shooting board. Those participants who will make it to the final stage will receive the first prize—a budget to produce their film.

Aside from the budget, finalists get broad access to companies supporting the competition and its participants, including rental companies, postproduction studies, as well as camera operators, set designers, costume designers, production designers, stunt crews, and composers. Throughout the entire production process, finalists can also expect mentor support from members of the jury.

The films will premiere at the award gala in June during which the jury will also reveal the final winners of the competition.

The competition is addressed to students and graduates of film, art, and humanities schools, amateur filmmakers, as well as people with no relevant schooling, aged 20-35 (by birth year).

To date, there have been seven editions of the contest, producing a total of 118 films for 40 sponsors.

Internet: www.papayayoungdirectors.com/en


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