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Münchner Filmwerkstatt

Rosenheimer Straße 145
81632 München
Telefon: +49 89 20 333 712
Internet: www.ma-fdm.de/

Abschluss: Master
Ausbildungsart: Sonstige
Ausbildungsziel: Master of Arts in Film & Digital Media

Münchner FilmwerkstattYour part time MA runs over 2 years* and starts with a

Learning Agreement, the first module and seminar, where you sketch out feasible project stages, research required skills and resources, describe the planned activities in more detail: A preliminary overview of the 1800 hours of your MA.
Artistic, practical and theoretical Research Methods are addressed in the next module, where you focus on frameworks specific to your learning journey, e.g., script or directing approaches, a new camera, VFX or editing workflow, interviews with experienced filmmakers. This is also where your familiarise themselves with ‘mastery’ – what it means to work at the very forefront of the discipline.
The Planning module can include production methods, market research, a case study, or a film treatment.
A Prototype module tests your assumptions and requirements underlying the learning trajectory e.g. test or sample scenes, mood reel or internship.
Then Pre-production takes your conclusions from earlier modules into account to add further detail, – e.g., shooting script and production plan, team composition, budget/schedule, TV series proposal or marketing plan.
The Masters Project: e.g., substantial short or low budget feature film, screenplay, documentary proposal / research document, or business plan for your production company.

As these modules are very flexible, they are also core modules. At present we do not offer optional modules.

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