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European Film College

Carl Th. Dreyers Vej 1
DK-8400 Ebeltoft, Denmark
Telefon: 0045-86340055
Internet: www.europeanfilmcollege.com

Abschluss: sonstige
Ausbildungsart: Sonstige
Ausbildungsziel: The college offers an 8 month foundation course based on the Danish Hojskole tradition.

European Film CollegeThe 8½-month programme at the European Film College is a place of opportunity. Opportunity to explore and develop your ideas, your talent and yourself. Opportunity to take chances and make mistakes and to do it in a safe, encouraging and inspiring environment. Join the programme and get the chance to produce, live and breathe film for almost a year. Work and live in a place where your fellow students, your teachers, the films you see and the professional filmmakers you meet will come from all corners of the world.

During the 8½-month film foundation programme you get the opportunity to:

-Immerse yourself in hands-on filmmaking
-Take courses in directing, acting, screenwriting, camera, documentary, editing, sound design, lighting and producing
-Develop your special creative skills under the guidance of professionals from the film industry, working in the Danish folk high school tradition
-Get massive hands-on experience combined with common lectures and screenings
-Be part of an intense film environment where you and your fellow students will produce over 170 films in 34 weeks, using state of the art film equipment
-Learn about all aspects of the film world, including how to work in real film crews
-Start an international network with fellow students and filmmakers from all over the world

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