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Future Class - Looking for filmmakers

Dear talented flimmakers,

We are looking for 2-8 young filmmakers from Germany in the age: 18-30 years old.

The best possible participant would be a person with an already existing idea. Otherwise, any person who thinks it could be a fun challenge to make a short film in only 2 weekends.

We will connect you to creative filmmakers and other young talents. You will have absolute freedom in the making of a short film.

A group of mentors will be around during the process. We supply you with all the necessary equipment and production costs.

On the next pages you will get an overview of specific dates and the program we have so far.

The dates/program of the workshop and production:
The workshop: 16-18 november
Production weekend: 7-9 december

Friday, 16th november

The workshop will start at FlowFactory in Haderslev. We will of course cover any transport costs for you. This day will be all about connecting and learn about the steps in the making of a short film.

For this workshop we have hired Nicklas Anthony Clark, who is a current short film writer and has won several awards for his creations. In the evening we will watch some different shortfilms and have an open dialogue about them.

We will sleep at SG25, a cultural house in Haderslev, for the whole weekend. Therefore, we advise people to bring sleeping bags and bed sheets as well as clothes, swimwear, towels and toilet items.

The dates/program of the workshop and production:
The workshop: 16-18 november
Production weekend: 7-9 december

Saturday, 17th november

Saturday morning will start with breakfast followed by a walk along the beach, having a quick dip (for those who dare). When we get home we would start creating the respective groups in which you start working on the movie idea you want to execute.
This will be the program until the evening when we gonna have a small festivity.

The dates/program of the workshop and production:
The workshop: 16-18 november
Production weekend: 7-9 december

Sunday, 18th november

After breakfast we will continue the work on the writing, making a budget, finding actors, arrange professionals, location scouting and screenplay.
At 13:00 some of the main organizers from flensburger kurzfilmtage will come and visit us and talk about the attributes of good short films. They will also talk about what you can do with your finished short film, what festivals we have in Europe and how I increase my options for nomination.

After their presentation we have some few hours left to say goodbye and make some agreement before meeting again. We will finish in time, so everyone can get home early enough to attend work or school the next day.
The starting time will be around 16:00. The whole workshop will be in English.
We dont have a finished program for the production weekend because it relies on the various groups' agreements.

Nicklas Anthony Clark

Nicklas is a danish screenwriter with many years of experince within creation of short films. He is the mind behind several well known productions like: “Ødeland”, “Helleflynder” and “Overgang”.

We are looking forward to bringing his knowledge to you and leading an exciting dialogue about short films.

Jeppe Vinum

Jeppe is the person behind this talent program and in his daily life he runs a creative agency focusing on branding of international companies. He will be able to answer questions regarding the project and you can contact him
through this email: hello@flowerhaus.dk

What should i do if i wanna take part?

If you wanne take part in the project you can send an email directly to Jeppe at: hello@flowerhaus.dk

Send a small decription about yourself and please attach references if you have any former productions.


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