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41. International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!

26.11.2023 bis 03.12.2023
Ort: Poland, online
Festival-Niveau: Nachwuchs, Semiprofi, Profi
Ausschreibung: International, Ausland
Alter: 0 bis 99

International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!Beschreibung:
APPLAUDED every year by several thousand spectators - amused, moved and engaged in discussion - those already literate with the art of cinema and those about to begin their film adventure.

EXPERIENCED, as befits a fifty-year-older, but still curious about the world.

COLLECTIVE, as a film crew, where all act jointly, but where there is also enough room for eccentric individualities.

LOCAL AND GLOBAL, owing to films from all over the world, to remind us that every place on earth can be its centre and the periphery forgotten.

OPEN to artistic transformation and technological revolutions that change the world, but mindful of what is passing.
FAMILY-LIKE, because we all desire a sense of security, closeness, belonging and acceptance, even though not all of us find them at home.

GIVING VOICE to children, parents, teachers, directors, actors, producers and critics, since the dialogue is based on listening.

CREATED OUT OF LOVE FOR THE CINEMA, with the feeling that love is a passion that also requires responsibility, fairness and respect.

EDUCATING young generations and eager to learn from them.

RICH with the number of screenings and the power of message of that one film we will remember for a lifetime.

We are fascinated by the cinema addressed to children and youth. Good cinema. Open to various ways of perceiving the world and fluent with many languages of the film. Happy to present premieres, at the same time we nostalgically recall classic and forgotten images. We award both renowned productions and films just entering the screens. We invite the doyens of the cinema and debutants alike, but most of all – we invite viewers.

We are happy about the prizes awarded by:
Polish Film Institute – category: Young Audience Educational Project (2008)
Polish Film Institute – category: International Film Event of the Year (2012)
The European Citizen's Prize awarded by the European Parliament (2012)

Internet: alekino.com/en/


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